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Excellence Limousines, a Yacht Limousine Service…

Available, reliable, organized and attentive to the smallest details, we handle everything for you and your clients.

From the ports of Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Saint-Tropez or San Remo and Portofino, you are garanteed to have a complete service of private and luxury transportation. With an experienced professional driver, a prestige limousine, a personalized and high-quality welcome, you will meet both your requirements and your expectations.

Combining conviviality and discretion, we provide an all inclusive service : airport transfer from the Nice or Cannes General Aviation, luggage transport, shopping day, private tour, dinner in the most beautiful places of the French Riviera or a lunchtime on the most famous private beaches of Saint-Tropez.

yachting specialists at disposal cannes

A bespoke experience.

If you need a chauffeured service for a few days or a few weeks, we offer an attractiv and special VIP package to best meet your expectations.

Along the coast…

You decide to leave the French Riviera for the Italian Riviera and you need a car available at each stop ? Don’t worry, you won’t need to call our company to book a car… The driver is still there, waiting for you. He follows you and will be always there for you, at each stepover, ready to welcome you up in any location where you will stay. Enjoy the sunset while sipping a delicious cocktail on deck, your driver is waiting to drive you to a romantic dinner with your loved one, with your family or friends.

yachting specialists excellence limousines private tours french riviera

For short and long missions,
⭐ At disposal service
⭐ Following the Yacht along the coast between San Remo & St-Tropez.
⭐ General Aviation welcoming      ⭐ Conciergerie service
⭐ Mercedes fleet
⭐ Professional & Multilingual Personal drivers.

Special Crew members

Special agrement for the crew members : shopping, supplies, trips into town, airport transfer to welcome a VIP guest, airport transfer to go back home for a few days…. A private transportation service with personal driver. We want to treat you the same way we take care of your guests.

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